73 Book Club Names for Kids, Teens, & Adults

Book club meeting to discuss a novel

Book clubs can decrease your stress, help you make new friends, teach you about different perspectives, and make you a better team player.[1][2]

Aside from the social and personal benefits, book clubs, of course, encourage you to read more.

Studies show that those who read regularly have higher levels of brain activity than those who don’t read, and your book club can even increase your lifespan![2]

Book club names can be cute, creative, intellectual, or funny, depending on the mood of your group.

Below, we list more than 30 options each for adult/teen and children’s book clubs.

If you want to create a more personal name for your book club, check out our tips below the list.

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  1. The Novel Ideas
  2. Page Turners
  3. Literary Legacy
  4. Mystery Mavens
  5. Cover to Cover
  6. Fiction Famished
  7. Bookies Battalion
  8. Cover Protectors
  9. The Tome Tribe
  10. In a Bind
  11. Bound Together
  12. First Editions
  13. Bookmarked
  14. Wise With Words
  15. Gatsby Kidding Me: reference to The Great Gatsby
  16. The Booklights
  17. The Margin Notes
  18. We Have Issues
  19. Our Weekend Is Booked
  20. Books & Beans: for a group that meets over coffee
  21. No Commercials
  22. Shelf Awareness
  23. We Read Banned Books
  24. I.B.R.: short for “Impulsive Book Readers”
  25. Dewey Decimators: reference to the Dewey Decimal System
  26. Bound to Happen
  27. Good for Circulation: reference to checking out library books
  28. Make Shhhh Happen
  29. ISBN Thinking of You: play on “I’ve been thinking of you”
  30. Can’t Help OurSHELF
  31. Dog-Eared Dames
  32. Between the Lines
  33. Dewey Belong Together?: reference to the Dewey Decimal System
  34. Eat, Pray, Read
  35. Book Buzz
  36. Getting Lit(erary)
  37. Book to Basics: play on “back to basics”
  38. Graphic Novel Nation


  1. In Bookland
  2. Lil’ Bookworms
  3. Fiction Force
  4. Books Are Magic
  5. Ready to Read
  6. Terrific Titles
  7. Reading Rebels
  8. Storybook Heroes
  9. Paperback Posse
  10. The Wild Things: reference to Where the Wild Things Are
  11. Word Masters
  12. Storytime Tribe
  13. Little Adventures
  14. Fiction Firsts
  15. Bookmark Bunch
  16. The Catalog Crew
  17. The Book Jackets
  18. Believe in YourSHELF: play on “believe in yourself”
  19. Happy Tales
  20. The Theme Machines
  21. Comics Club
  22. Booking It
  23. Book Stops Here
  24. The Hungry Caterpillars: reference to The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  25. Fearless Readers
  26. Readers of the Pack: play on “leaders of the pack”
  27. Time Will Tale
  28. Ride the Tales
  29. Theme On
  30. Call Your Grammar: play on “call your grandma”
  31. Mountains to Rhyme
  32. Rhyme a Dozen
  33. Picture Book Posse
  34. Story Night Society
  35. Can of Bookworms

How to Create a Good Book Club Name

Books transport us to different worlds and teach us about our own world.

Whatever type of book club you have, your name should be creative, clever, and pay tribute to the much-loved activity of reading.

Create a good book club name using the tips below:

  • Consider the favorite genre or the focus of your club. Does your team have a collective favorite genre? Perhaps the book club is even dedicated to a particular theme or genre like fantasy or books adapted to film. If your book club has a particular focus or your members just enjoy a specific type of book, list tropes, titles, and characters related to the genre of your choice to create a unique book club name. Many of the names on our lists above can be personalized with something meaningful to you and your group just by adding a word or phrase.
  • Make sure your name is age-appropriate. As we did in our list above, create names that are appropriate for the age and reading level of your group. If you’re making a club for new readers, for example, choose a fun and straightforward name that will encourage the youngsters to read, avoiding any big words that might confuse them.
  • Think about all book-related topics. If you’re having trouble coming up with a unique name, just think about all things related to books that may bring inspiration. Using terms relating to book publishing, authors, book titles, and libraries are just several of the many places you may find a great book club name.