71 ’80s Team Names & Trivia Group Names

The 1980s are back in style, and if you’re heading for an ’80s trivia night or other ’80s-themed activity, you need to find a totally radical team name. Choose from our list of suggestions below or scroll past for our tips to create your very own wicked ’80s team name!

  1. We Want Our MTV
  2. PacMan Posse
  3. Rubik’s Rebels

  1. Neon Nation
  2. Bandstand Battalion
  3. Club of Culture
  4. Alf’s Alliance
  5. Dallas Derelicts
  6. Cassette Collective

  1. Walkman Warriors
  2. Fraggle Rockers
  3. Cool Ranch Cult: reference to the popular flavor of Doritos
  4. The Sony Society

  1. Oodles of Caboodles
  2. Kinder Rewinders
  3. Team Tang
  4. Page Me, Beep Me

  1. Acid Wash Allstars
  2. Valley Girls
  3. Shoulder Pad Patrol
  4. For Members Only
  5. Swatch Watch Wonders
  6. Cabbage Patch People

  1. Persian Gulf Unit
  2. Lennon’s Legacy
  3. The Reaganists
  4. Married by Moon
  5. Sucka MCs
  6. Geneva Summit Set
  7. Car Phone Callers

  1. Cold War Clan
  2. Berlin Wall Crumblers
  3. Reaganomics Ring
  4. Big Hair Battalion
  5. M*A*S*H Division
  6. Who Shot J.R.?: DallasĀ TV show reference
  7. Extinct Radio Stars

  1. The Mall Rats
  2. Madonna’s Prayers
  3. IBM Nation
  4. The Brat Pack
  5. The 64 Commodores
  6. Notable Post-Its

  1. Portable Motorolas
  2. No Can Do
  3. Wall Street Warriors
  4. Jocks & Nerds
  5. Totally Brill: short for “totally brilliant”
  6. The Bogus Bunch
  7. Care Bear Circle

  1. Team Tubular
  2. Cold War Thaw
  3. Global Reverberations
  4. Yes Way
  5. Ninja Turtle Tactics

  1. Eat Our Shorts!
  2. The Airheads
  3. Funky Fresh Fam
  4. The Burnouts
  5. Psych!
  6. Half-Shell Heroes: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference
  7. Trivial Pursuit Allstars

  1. Gang of Ghostbusters
  2. Radical Ruckus
  3. Hulkamaniacs: reference to Hulk Hogan
  4. Fanny Pack Force
  5. Wallpaper Wonders
  6. Polaroid Posse

  1. Rattan Rebels
  2. The Turntable Tribe
  3. Razzles, Skittles, & Pop Rocks

How to Create an ’80s Trivia Team Name

Haven’t found the perfect name on our list? Don’t have a cow! The following tips will transport your team right back to the 1980s:

  • Reflect on major events and trends of the 1980s. Create a team name based on popular 1980s fads, items, or events that happened. You can draw inspiration from politics, fashion, food — basically anything! If the original name or phrase does not work as a team name, change it by adding or removing words or tweaking the actual word itself.
  • Use the names of your favorite 1980s singers, songs, actors, or TV shows. Even if the 1980s are before your time, you’ve probably seen or heard of at least a few popular TV shows or heard iconic songs from that period. If you and/or your team have a favorite, create a team name with it. If you have several favorites, list them so your team can take a vote to choose the best.
  • Look up slang terms that were created in the 1980s — or create your own! Use words that were coined or made more popular in the 1980s like “airhead,” “bite me,” “bogus,” “gnarly,” or “tubular.” You can even make up your own term that defines how you and your team feel about the 1980s.