63 Trivia Team Names Inspired by Current Events

Close-up of a newspaper showing current events

Regardless of where you live or what you do for work, staying up-to-date on current events allows you to make better decisions, find new opportunities, and be a witness to history.

Studies show that too much information can be a bad thing,[1] but staying informed is important… and it can make you great at trivia!

Just ask Brad Rutter, who used his wealth of knowledge to win more than $4 million on “Jeopardy!”[2]

Trivia team names based on current events can range from sports to entertainment to politics — anything that’s in the news and catches your interest!

We have more than 60 general name options below, plus tips to help you create your own current events trivia team names.

  1. Election Elite
  2. The Climate Crew
  3. Healthcare Heroes
  4. Wildfire Warriors
  5. Netflix Nation
  6. Spam Stoppers
  7. Fake News Nation
  8. The Tax Force
  9. Immunity Alliance
  10. Captivating Images
  11. Ballot Battalion
  12. Surge of Cases
  13. Campaign Trail Tears
  14. Unofficial
  15. Lockdown Legion
  16. Business Is Closed
  17. Dropbox Trouble
  18. Shortage Preppers
  19. Out of Toilet Paper!
  20. In a Safe Space
  21. Are We Immune?
  22. November Nation
  23. Politics Patrol
  24. Sad Empty Stadiums
  25. The Rx Rebels
  26. United We Stand
  27. Six Feet Apart
  28. Epidemic Orders
  29. Stimulus Society
  30. News Brief Brigade
  31. The Mask Matrix
  32. Laker’s Legacy
  33. Bankruptcy Blues
  34. The POTUS Patrol
  35. FLOTUS Forces
  36. Newsworthy Now
  37. Emerging Crisis
  38. Hand-Washing Warriors
  39. Current Concerns
  40. Disaster Desperados
  41. Medical Miracles
  42. Blinded by Science
  43. The Trends Tribe
  44. What’s Happening?
  45. Info Seekers Squad
  46. Breaking News Club
  47. We’re Investigative
  48. Random Press Release
  49. Getting the Scoop
  50. Front Page Posse
  51. Newsfeed Alliance
  52. It’s Newsworthy
  53. Spoiler Alert!
  54. Newshound Heroes
  55. Press Box Journey
  56. No Mask, No Service
  57. Correspondent Crew
  58. Making History
  59. News Knockoffs
  60. Top Stories Generation
  61. Buzzworthy
  62. Momentous Events
  63. Significant Times

How to Create a Great Trivia Team Name Based on Current Events

Our list above includes name options based on general topics that are unlikely to leave the news cycle any time soon, but if you’d like something even more timely, you can create your own current events-based trivia name.

Keep the following tips in mind as you brainstorm:

  • Decide your focus. It may be easiest if you to start by deciding the type of current event that you want your name to focus on, then narrow down some options from there. If your team is looking to cause a stir, go for a controversial political topic — but if you just want to have fun, choose something lighter like your favorite actor’s new pet or your favorite band’s new album as inspiration.
  • Research current events. We primarily used general terms relating to things like elections for our trivia names. You can use that tactic if you want to use the same team name for a long time, but for a more of-the-minute name, look into trending political or entertainment news. From celebrity scandals to newly-enacted laws, you’ll find tons of inspiration for your team name. Sites like The New York Times, MSN, CNN, and AOL publish current news updates daily.
  • Use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Browse through your social media feed to find out what your friends, family, and other people are talking about. Like checking news sites, social media can reveal interesting and controversial stories that might provide the perfect name for your team.
  • Don’t forget local events! Online, the focus is usually on national news and trends, but don’t neglect your own city or town! News happens throughout the world every day, so find out what’s happening where you live. If your trivia event is in-person, other teams from your area are sure to understand the reference.