53 Spring Team Names

Ladybug crawling on a flower in springtime

Spring is a lively time — green leaves appear on trees, flowers begin to bloom, and the temperature rises.

Did you know that until the 14th century, spring wasn’t known by that name? The name became common because plants begin “springing” up from the ground![1]

After the cold winter, many people become eager to get back to activities like baseball, golf, and gardening. Nearly a third of Americans actually consider Spring their favorite season![2]

When participating in team activities, you might want a cheerful, spring-themed name to match the season’s mood.

Whether you’re attending a spring-themed trivia night or simply love the season, we have more than 50 options to choose from below.

Scroll past the list for our tips to help you brainstorm your own spring team names!

  1. Full Bloom[3]
  2. The Big Thaw[3]
  3. Puddle Jumpers[3]
  4. The Spring Breakers
  5. The May Flowers
  6. Pollen Power[4]
  7. The April Fools
  8. The Cherry Blossoms[3]
  9. The Spring Flings
  10. Coming Up Roses[3]
  11. April Showers
  12. Spring Fever[4]
  13. The Daffodils
  14. Flower Power[4]
  15. All the Buzz[3]
  16. The Ladybugs
  17. Storm Clouds[3]
  18. The Yellow Raincoats
  19. Bad Seeds[4]
  20. The Rainclouds
  21. All Abloom
  22. Spring Chickens[4]
  23. In Like a Lion
  24. Grassy Lassies[3]
  25. The Spring Cleaners
  26. Busy Bees[4]
  27. MayDay[3]
  28. Pastels
  29. Look Who’s Blooming[5]
  30. We’re Really Allergic to Pollen[4]
  31. The Chirping Birds
  32. You’re Just Dandy, But We’re Lions:[4] reference to dandelions
  33. Picnic Posse
  34. Love Bugs[3]
  35. The Sprouts
  36. No, We Haven’t Filed Them Yet:[4] reference to spring tax filing
  37. The Dyed Eggs
  38. Spring Into Action[3]
  39. Winning Wellies:[3] reference to the brand of rubber boots
  40. The Garden Gnomes
  41. Love Bugs & Crazy Daisies[5]
  42. Spring Catch
  43. Here for a Good Thyme[4]
  44. Vitamin D
  45. Spring Ahead, Fall Back!:[5] reference to Daylight Savings Time
  46. Just Spring Roll With It[4]
  47. Sprung to Life[3]
  48. Easter Keg Hunts[4]
  49. Spring Snow
  50. Spring Has Sprung[5]
  51. The Spring Onions
  52. Too Lit Tulips[4]
  53. Last Bud Not Least[4]

Stuck in colder weather? See our list of winter-themed team names for more seasonal inspiration!

How to Create Your Own Spring Team Names

Use the following tips to create your own spring team names:

  • Choose a name that reflects the season. Spring is the time of year when the snow and ice melt, the flowers come back, and the sun starts shining a bit more frequently. Many people consider spring a time of hope and happiness. Be sure to choose a name that aligns with the season. Grim and dreary names just won’t do!
  • Make a list of your favorite things about spring. Spring inspirations can range from different types of flowers to animals that return in spring to activities you can only take on once the weather starts warming up. Get together with your team and make a brief list of the things you love about spring, then conduct a few rounds of voting to find the team’s overall favorites and final choice.
  • Use puns and common phrases. Sayings like “April showers bring May flowers” and silly springtime puns can be great starting points for your team name. Though they can be a little bit corny, they’re still fun! A humorous team name will give your team a lively and exciting mood.
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