69 Rocket League Names

Rocket League combines soccer and fast cars, providing players with a unique brand of “vehicular mayhem.”[1] The developers didn’t initially expect Rocket League to be a success; however, it achieved nearly 200,000 unique players within its first week of launch, and it remains popular today, several years later![2]

With a variety of maps to try out — plus fun add-ons like collaborations with “Back to the Future,” “Fast and Furious,” “Batman,” and Hot Wheels[2] — Rocket League is an easy-to-learn and quick-to-play game that remains fun even if you’ve been playing it for a long time.

Rocket League club names are typically cool or funny to reflect the mood of your club. We have more than 60 options to choose from below. If you want to create a personalized Rocket League team name, we also share some naming tips below the list.

  1. Vehicular Mayhem
  2. Carsenal: a play on “car” and “arsenal”[3]
  3. High Octane
  4. Customized
  5. Backfire[4]
  6. Rogue Rockets
  7. Heatwave
  8. Breakaway
  9. Street Legal
  10. Battle Bunch
  11. Supersonic
  12. The Boomers
  13. Turbo Troop
  14. Nitro Nation
  15. Frantic
  16. Octane[5]
  17. Special Edition
  18. Hot Wheels
  19. Stripes Squad
  20. Motor Matrix
  21. Revved Up
  22. Frenzied
  23. Crazed Cars
  24. Maniacal
  25. The Crashers[4]
  26. Spin Cycle
  27. Unhinged
  28. Berserk Bunch
  29. Chaos Alliance
  30. Out of Control
  31. Hysterical Ones
  32. At Wits End
  33. Gone Mad
  34. Aeriality[6]
  35. Rocket Power
  36. Battle Cars
  37. Mid-Air Maulers
  38. Low Riders[4]
  39. Flight Forward
  40. Electrified
  41. Damage Mode
  42. Speed Boost
  43. Core Chaos
  44. In Utopia
  45. Ka-Pow[6]
  46. Never Standard
  47. The Trashmen[7]
  48. Rumble Rebels
  49. Speedy Legends[4]
  50. Escape
  51. Club Sandwich[7]
  52. Nexus[5]
  53. Stand Alone
  54. Upper Echelon
  55. eQuinox[6]
  56. Gliders
  57. Vendetta[6]
  58. Airborne
  59. The SocCARS
  60. Frost[5]
  61. In Control
  62. Exotic Imports
  63. Exodus[6]
  64. Painted Posse
  65. Wizards on Wheels
  66. Blueprints Battalion
  67. Pocket Aces[6]
  68. Dragon Decimators
  69. Windborne

How to Create a Great Rocket League Team/Club Name

If none of the ideas on our list above are perfect for your club or you want something a bit more personal, keep the following tips in mind to create your own Rocket League name options:

  • Use your favorite vehicle-related and soccer-related terms for inspiration. Since Rocket League combines rocket-powered cars with sport, words that reference either vehicles or soccer can make for great club names. Think of unusual or lesser-known terms for a more unique name, or combine words in interesting ways to make original words and phrases of your own.
  • Name your group after a professional soccer team or player. Professional soccer team names, mascots, and chants or your favorite soccer player’s name or number can be the basis of the perfect club name. For example, if you choose to use a pro player’s name you can add a fierce word to create a cool team name — like “Messi’s Maulers.”
  • Make a list of words that remind your team members of Rocket League. You may find the name you want to use just by playing a simple round of word association. Have your team members list any words that come to mind when they think of Rocket League. If none of those ideas are perfect for your team, look up synonyms to the words on your list for more options. Use a single word representing your club, or create a short phrase from several words, as we did above.
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