87 Girl Group Names (for Group Chats, etc)

Girl squad and group chat names can range from funny to cool, reflecting the personality of your group. Our list features a wide selection of options, from hilarious to cute — but if you’d like to create your own girl group name, we also offer some tips below the list to help you brainstorm.


  1. Brunch Bunch
  2. Shopaholics
  3. No Shade Sisters
  4. We’re Drama Free
  5. Makeup to Mud
  6. Would-Be Rebels
  7. Selfie Sisters
  8. The Ladybugs
  9. Flower Power Patrol
  10. Princess Posse
  11. The Slay Belles
  12. Bubble Wrap Poppers
  13. Lookbook Legion
  14. Scrunchie Society
  15. Drama Avoiders
  16. [Number] Queens: use the number of friends in the group
  17. Backpacks Anonymous
  18. Rose Quartz Rollers
  19. Face Mask Friends
  20. Cookie Dough Circus
  21. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  22. Poufy Hair, Inc.
  23. Unmotivated
  24. Back of the Class


  1. Misfits & Rebels
  2. Rebel GRRRLS
  3. Rule Breakers
  4. The Wild Ones
  5. Charlie’s Angels
  6. Creative Rebellion
  7. Hello World
  8. Team Americana
  9. Daily Derelicts
  10. The Plastics: Mean Girls reference
  11. Tie-Dye Tribe
  12. Fashion Force
  13. Team Bubble Tea
  14. Notorious
  15. Bluetooth Trackers
  16. Gotta Wear Shades
  17. The Coven
  18. Hydro Flask Force
  19. Karaoke Krew
  20. Especially Holographic
  21. Switch Lite Legion
  22. Eye Rolls & Back Chats


  1. Band of Butterflies
  2. Nail Art Nation
  3. Southern Sweethearts
  4. The Wildflowers
  5. Fairy Light Twinklers
  6. Starburst Sparklers
  7. Trendy Barrettes
  8. Sticker Squad
  9. Twisted Gold
  10. Color Block Crew
  11. The Belles
  12. Tamagotchi Pet Pals
  13. Bees & Blossoms
  14. Bonjour!
  15. Leading Ladies
  16. Coterie of Friends
  17. So Charming!
  18. Always Relatable
  19. The Trendy Girls
  20. Frappuccino Force
  21. Sweet Treat Clan


  1. Sisterhood
  2. Besties Forever
  3. Goals Guild
  4. Irreplaceable
  5. Always Epic
  6. Squad Comes First
  7. In the Journal
  8. No Debates Here
  9. Doodles Patrol
  10. Lip Gloss Generation
  11. Floral Shimmers
  12. Roses & Combat Boots
  13. No Bad Days
  14. The Girl Bosses
  15. Band Camp Cuties
  16. Dragonflies
  17. The Inner Circle
  18. In-Crowd Clan
  19. History Makers
  20. Do Not Disturb

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How to Create Your Own Girl Squad Name

Create your own girl squad name using the following tips:

  • Feature your favorite thing. Your favorite things in any category can create a unique squad name. Think of music, movies, TV, books, make-up, activities, classes, or virtually anything else that you love. You and your squad are friends for a reason — you should have a lot of common interests to choose from! You can also combine different interests to make unique words or short phrases if you want to incorporate several of your group’s likes.
  • Describe your squad. Use a descriptive word or phrase to collectively describe your squad. Is there a physical trait you all share (like red hair or brown eyes), or do you have similar personalities? Be as specific or obscure as you wish. If you have trouble coming up with something on your own, take suggestions from your squad members.
  • Use humor or cuteness. Make your squad name as funny or cute as you choose. Making your group laugh or picking a name that reflects your unique charms will give the group a positive vibe. If you start brainstorming with words that don’t quite seem to fit, be sure to investigate the synonyms. You may find exactly what you are looking for.