57 Cat-Themed Team Names

As the popular saying goes, “nobody owns a cat,” but archaeological evidence suggests that those sweet balls of fur have served as companions to humans for over 9,000 years. There are even cats reported to have traveled on the Mayflower![1]

Cat-themed team names are appropriate for any activity the cat lover participates in, whether its’ playing sports, competing in trivia competitions, or something else entirely. Show your support for felines with a name from our list, or check out our tips for creating your own cat-themed team name below.

  1. We’re Purrrrfect!
  2. The Clever Cats
  3. Feline Legends
  4. In the Meow Mix
  5. The Cat’s Meow
  6. Pink Nose Nation
  7. Whisker Warriors
  8. Just Rawr!
  9. CATastrophic Club
  10. The Aristocats
  11. Lint Roller Rebels
  12. Cats in Hats
  13. The Lucky Cats
  14. Kittens in Mittens
  15. The Purrrrincesses
  16. The Claw Collective
  17. Alley Cat Alliance
  18. CATapult
  19. The Furball Force
  20. Clawsome Wonders
  21. PAWsitive People
  22. CATitude Nation
  23. PrognostiCATS
  24. The SophistiCATS
  25. DupliCATS
  26. Tom Cat Tribe
  27. CopyCAT Generation
  28. CATtail Patrol
  29. Hissy Fit Inc.
  30. Paws & Claws
  31. Cats in the Cradle
  32. Stray Cat Circle
  33. The Happy Cats
  34. Feline Philosophers
  35. Crazy About Cats
  36. The Cool Cats
  37. Bow to the Meow
  38. The Bird Watchers
  39. City Cat Clan
  40. The Cat Girls
  41. Scaredy Cats
  42. The Cat Nappers
  43. FELINEsteins
  44. Three Little Kittens
  45. Numpurrs United
  46. Litter Legion
  47. Cat Scratch Fever
  48. Landing on Our Feet
  49. Catnip Corporation
  50. Team Tabby
  51. Black Cat Bunch
  52. The Fierce Ferals
  53. Shorthair Squad
  54. The Munchkins
  55. Ragdolls
  56. Scottish Fold Society
  57. The Calico Clan

How to Create a Cool Cat-Themed Team Name

Create a unique cat-themed team name using the following tips:

  • Find words that include the word “cat.” There are many general words that include the word cat. Make a list of them and choose your favorite as a team name. When you spell the word, be sure to put “cat” in all caps to highlight it.
  • Use the names of famous cats for inspiration. Think of some famous cats and create a unique team name for your team by changing up the original name slightly. If you use the original name, you can add a descriptive word or short phrase to it for a unique twist.
  • Let the cats you know inspire you. If your team is on the small side, you could each change your name to your cat’s name or the name of a cat you know. For example, if your team has three people and you all own or know a cat, you will each use a cat name to create your team name, such as Slash, CeCe, & Junebug.
  • Think of all things cats. You may find inspiration from a funny quirk your cat has or even a neighborhood stray. Cat-related team name ideas can come from real life, books, movies, quotes, and even superstitions. Get creative!