67 Red Team Names

Red is one of the most eye-catching colors, and since people associate it with a wide variety of moods and emotions, it can make for very unique and diverse team names. See our list of 60+ red team name ideas below, or scroll past the list for tips if you’d like to create your own name!

  1. Flashing Red Lights
  2. Red Means Stop
  3. Seeing Red
  4. Red All Over
  5. In the Red
  6. The Red Lights
  7. Red Dirt Roads
  8. Better in Red
  9. Redder Than Red
  10. Seeing Red
  11. The Big Reds
  12. Red Tide Blooms
  13. Redbirds
  14. The Ruby Red Club
  15. The Flames
  16. The Red-Eyes
  17. Red Cent Collective
  18. Here for Red
  19. The Red Hots
  20. Red Balloons
  21. The Daredevils
  22. Red Stars
  23. On the Red Carpet
  24. The Red Ants
  25. Shades of Red
  26. Red Clouds
  27. REDefined
  28. Red Tape Busters
  29. Firedogs
  30. Red Punch
  31. Red Light Runners
  32. The Red Bell Peppers
  33. Red Rebels
  34. The Red Flags
  35. The Firekeepers
  36. Red Alert Network
  37. The Red Pandas
  38. Always in Red Hats
  39. The Candy Apples
  40. Reddy For It
  41. Red-Handed, Red-Faced
  42. The Red-Letter Days
  43. Red Rovers
  44. Lucky Red Ladybugs
  45. Red Untamed
  46. Red-Clawed Rovers
  47. Hot Lava
  48. Red Snappers
  49. Red State of Mind
  50. Red Starbursts
  51. The Burning Reds
  52. Red Flags Flying
  53. The Red Foxes
  54. Red Carpet Rollers
  55. Fiery Red Hues
  56. Embracing Red Power
  57. Rare, Superior, Red
  58. Regally Red Set
  59. The Poison Frogs
  60. Crimson Fear
  61. Red Badge Troop
  62. Red Riding Hoodies
  63. Always Rocking Red
  64. Fierce as Red
  65. Red Balloons Brigade
  66. Extroverts in Red
  67. Red Rubies & Diamonds

How to Create a Good Red Team Name

There are several different ways to get inspiration for your red team name; keep these tips in mind if you choose to create your own:

  • Choose a red mascot and name your team after it. From cardinals to red pandas to ladybugs, you have a lot of options if you’d like to get inspired by nature and find a red mascot. In addition to providing an easy name, you can use your mascot to promote your team by designing a cool logo featuring it.
  • List the things you think of when you see the color red. What do you associate with the color red? With your team or on your own, list any words that come to mind when you see the color red, from phrases to objects to emotions like anger. Incorporate these words into your team name or see if they bring any related ideas to mind.
  • Go abstract. While it’s pretty easy to come up with team names that specifically include the word “red” or reference red objects from the real world, you might want to choose something a bit more abstract to make your team stand out. Find a less obvious connection to red (such as a lesser-known plant or animal) and use it for your name. People might ask you what it means, but it’ll make your team unforgettable!