57 Blue Team Names

Blue isn’t just the color of denim jeans — it’s a wide-ranging and well-loved color, making it pretty easy to find inspiration for a blue team name. Find our list of more than 50 blue team names below, or scroll past the list for tips on creating your own team name!

  1. Turquoise Blue Vibes
  2. Blue Mornings, Blue Days
  3. Wild Blue Yonder
  4. Crossroad Blues
  5. The Blues Genre
  6. Blue Is Our Color
  7. Better in Blue
  8. The Blue Dots
  9. Blue Plate Special
  10. Thin Blue Line
  11. Team Indigo
  12. The Sapphires
  13. Blue Skies Ahead
  14. Blue Collars
  15. Here for Blue
  16. Blue Blood Brigade
  17. The Dress Blues
  18. Blue Rookies
  19. In a Blue State
  20. Blue Crush
  21. The Bluebirds
  22. Blue Chip Stocks
  23. The Blue Waves
  24. The Blue Flames
  25. Stars Gone Blue
  26. The Deep Blue Seas
  27. Bluer Than Blue
  28. The Blue Pencils
  29. Out of the Blue
  30. The Cornflower Council
  31. Blue Dolphins
  32. Blue Jean Brigade
  33. The Blue Chips
  34. Blue Bayou
  35. The Blue Moons
  36. Shades of Blue
  37. Blue Steel
  38. Blue Dimensions
  39. A Certain Blue
  40. The Tidal Waves
  41. Baby Blue Mustangs
  42. The Blue Suede Shoes
  43. Beyond the Blue
  44. Blue Midnights
  45. The Blue Belles
  46. Blue Diamonds
  47. Midnight Blue Everlasting
  48. Waves of Blue
  49. Dazzling Blue Hues
  50. Blue Above Us
  51. The Blue Angels
  52. Into the Blue
  53. Bolt From the Blue
  54. Vintage Blue Glass
  55. In the Blue Lagoon
  56. The Blue Velvets
  57. Blue Seas, Blue Skies

How to Create a Good Blue Team Name

  • Get inspiration from common phrases and quotes. Common phrases like “deep blue sea,” “black and blue,” “blue horizon,” and others can be modified slightly or used as-is for your team name, depending on the type of name you want.
  • Use songs and movies for inspiration. “Blue” is one of the most commonly used colors in song titles, lyrics, and movie titles. Search for “blue” on your favorite music or movie database (like IMDb or Spotify) to find a plethora of options if none come to mind immediately. Examples from our list include Into the Blue, Blue Crush, Blue Rookies, and The Blue Velvets.
  • Think of things that are the color blue. Naturally-blue things, such as blueberries and bluebirds, can inspire your team name if you have any favorite blue objects. This is also an easy way to generate ideas if you’re stuck while brainstorming your team name — just look up a list of things that are blue and see if any stand out to you!